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About the Business

This venture began in 2011, when Darcie (part of the sixth generation to be raised on the farm!) got her first two heifers from a local dairy farm and then a steer to raise as part of the 4H Baby Beef program. Read more about Darcie...

Through hard work and the help and support of family, she has grown her herd to 35 Registered Herefords, with more calves due in the spring and summer.


For Sale

Darcie has registered heifers and bulls for sale, usually in the fall of the year when they have been weaned and halter broke, 

She also has bred heifers for sale periodically throughout the year. 


Bulls for Breeding

This excellent bull is currently available for breeding services. For more information, please contact Darcie Campbell McCarthy, 207-538-5545.

THF Last Time 15E 

DOB April 7, 2017

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About Darcie

Darcie's venture began in July 2011, when she got two Angus/Holstein heifers from the Cowperthwaite family, who owned a dairy farm in Littleton. She was excited to raise them and have them bred. In the fall of 2011, she was invited to join the 4H Baby Beef Club in Presque Isle and got her first Hereford steer, Ribeye, to raise and show the following summer. 

In the meantime, she also added a Hereford cross calf to her herd, and took them to the Houlton, Presque Isle and Springfield fairs. With the support of her family and through hard work and dedication, Darcie received Grand Champion with Ribeye in 2012.  

After her first year's success, she purchased another steer for 4H from the same farm where she got Ribeye. This time, in addition to a show steer, she purchased her first registered Hereford heifer, which she named Daisy. She broke her to ride with a saddle and bridle, entering her in parades, fundraisers and many other events!

She continued her 4H career though junior high and high school and in those six years, she finished with five Grand Champions and one Reserve Grand Champion. She has received multiple awards for her cattle and work ethic, including the Outstanding Youth Award from the Maine Beef Producers Association and recognition from the 128th State Legislature and the State of Maine for her accomplishments.

Darcie continued to add to her herd and in 2014 reached her goal of having a herd of all purebred Herefords. In 2019, her herd has grown to 35 registered polled Herefords. She has new calves arriving throughout the spring and summer. In addition to her work on the farm, she works at Hotham's Veterinary Service and recently graduated from college with a business degree, which will no doubt serve to further her success with her cows!

"Little did I know in the beginning that this would become a huge part of my life. I could never have made it this far if it weren't for my family who helped me along the way!” - Darcie