Commitment to Quality


We grow around 400 acres of potatoes in rotation with hay and grains. In 2008, we diversified to include six acres of organic potatoes, which has grown to around 50 acres of organic production (potatoes and rotation crops). 

Our two to three year rotation ensures that our soils are full of nutrients and ready to produce high quality, flavorful potatoes. All of our organic potatoes are certified by MOFGA (Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association). 

When you purchase our potatoes, they have not yet been washed with water. This helps to preserve freshness and enhance flavor. In order to maintain quality and freshness when you get them home, potatoes should be stored where it is cool, dry and dark with vents away from the light. Wash them with water when you are ready to enjoy them.

Certified Potato Seed


We grow several varieties of certified seed potatoes, including: 

Organic Certified Seed Potato Varieties: 

Adirondack Blue 

Adirondack Red 



Dark Red Norland



Magic Molly 

Peter Wilcox (Blue Gold)

Red Maria

Russet Burbank

Strawberry Paw

Yukon Gem

Yukon Gold

Conventional Certified Seed Potato Varieties:

Dark Red Norland and Russet Burbank

Please contact us for price and availability!

Organic Vegetables

We grow a number of different organic herbs and vegetables from May to October, including arugula, basil, beans, beets, broccoli, carrots, lettuce and tomatoes. Everything we grow in the greenhouse is certified organic by MOFGA (Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association).

Produce can be picked up at the farm throughout the growing season. 

Please contact us for pricing and availability.


Milk, Butter & Eggs

Due to health reasons, our dairy license will not be renewed in 2019. Here is a little about what we had been up to.  

The tradition of providing fresh, high quality milk and butter has been one of Debbie's passions since she and Barry were first married in 1971. From 2016 to 2018, she operated our on farm micro dairy. Debbie milked her three cows, separated the cream and bottled high quality milk products full of old fashioned goodness. In addition, she would make fresh, raw butter by hand. 

We sell eggs from our free range chickens. Please contact us to place an order before coming to the farm.


Hay & Grain

Grains are an important rotation crop on our farm. Though we often plow them under to feed the soil, we also harvest and sell organic and conventional oats, high quality hay in round and square bales and occasionally, straw.